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Thank you for booking the deep dive call with me

Please make sure to be in a quiet and private room and stable internet connection. I look forward to go deep with you.


"Doing inner child work is immensely beneficial and insanely difficult at the same time. Sometimes I just can't tap into it and when I can it is truly powerful. Thank you Julien for all your guidance!" - Participant testimonial



"I can only love others to the degree I love myself. People pleasing and the "illusion" of loving others more than myself now feels to me like a form of manipulation to get something from them (mostly to get love and stay safe). It was necessary to do as a child to survive."...But don't have to believe anymore that I can't heal from it"

Jessie Ogilvy


"I am asking my inner child so often now- what do you need Jessie- anytime I feel controlled by a bodily sensation/emotion."... So often she says - I need you to love me. I have to dig deep inside and out her first and tell her that I love her. She wants to have fun and enjoy life but also not feel embarrassed or guilty for experiecing pain/abuse or anything at all"... Such an amazing little girl..."



" I am a person who likes to talk and share. I could not find anyone out there who do not judge me, but share similiraty of our childhood's hurt"

"I am so peaceful and glad that everyone here in this group is not saying I am the problem of my childhood suffering. I am glad that people here in this group do not judge each other. I am so happy that we can share out childhood experience wholeheartedly and hold hands to face our challenges"



"Julien, well I'm speechless as how you helped me in my spiritual journey. You totally transformed my life..." You listened to me in a very deep way and I felt so safe to share all my wounds and traumas with you. Because of that I felt like so much weight lifted from ly life. That really helped to raise my consciousness immensely

You are such a blessing to the whole humanity Julien! Forever grateful"

Michael Sager 


"I am noticing a shift in how I relate to all parts of me. Where there was always a pervasive resistance or out right hostility now, there is this knowing that all is as it should be as it had to be, and couldn't be any different, and that is perfect for my life experience. I can't have another person's life experience, so i do need to compare or wish to be different. I am an ideal representative of my life experiencies"



"...Most people live very unconsciously. What we do here goes pretty deep. We get insights, we try to develop, we dive into situations and look how to get better out of it"

"99% of the people don't even put energy into this. They just accept it if people show more kind of disrespect. They will say: don't make it a big deal or something. That is also why we learn to suppress or ignore it"

"Without love and attachment, children can't grow and become adults. I feel what we do here is reliving childhood the healthy way. Thank you Julien and everyone else here for the love and compassion"


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