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Finding Light in the Darkness of the Motherwound

How I discovered peace, love and power by healing my motherwound


"Wow that was soul shaking. I am like lost for words... You are truly gifted. I swear you could be Eckhart Tolle's son but even better."

Jennifer Morton - Participant

My journey of healing my motherwound

I was deeply ashamed of myself, anxious and trapped in my own self-critical mind. I felt afraid of love, being happy and my own power.


Every single area of my life was self-sabotaged due to my feeling of deep unworthiness.

All of this had the same root cause - my motherwound.

Healing my motherwound was and continues to be the most life-changing journey I’ve ever went on. It has brought me profound peace, love and power to an extraordinary level.

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"Being in deep healing with Julien in last 6 months as well as surrounding myself with new environment brought so much change in my life. More light came in to me in this short period than in my almost 30 years of adulthood attempts to heal."

Wojtek - Participant

The Deep Healing Circle for The Motherwound


What will happen during the deep healing circle?

  • You will be in a very safe space where you can express what is in your way of healing your motherwound.

  • I will personally guide you through this process through compassionate questions, meditation & inner child healing.

  • You will hear about my personal experience and how I healed my motherwound and how you can do the same.

The details

  • How to join: Click the button below to join the group. Inside you will find the zoom link for the sessions.

  • There will be a recording inside the group in case you miss the event.


"I have been learning about and practicing meditation for 8 years. In all this time have never met anyone who has taught me how to honor and see the treasure in all my suppressed emotions. I wish I would have found you 8 years ago.

Santosh - Participant

Frequently asked questions

Will there be a recording if I can't make it live?

Yes, the recording will be hosted on a private content portal, which is not viewable to people outside the session. You will receive an email about it a few days after the event.


Do I have to share about myself with others?

No you don't have to do anything. You can participate to whatever degree feels good to you and if you want to just listen that is totally fine! This is a very safe space and I personally review each application to make sure that each person that joins is a good fit for this deep healing work.


"Two months of your healing sessions are already the best investment I have ever done."

Jana - Participant

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