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I help leaders go from burnt-out & overwhelmed to zen-like calmness & happiness, 
regardless of circumstances.



Dear leader,

do you feel burnt out & overwhelmed on a regular basis? Like your energies are drained, your fighting a constant inner battle, pushing yourself more and more and with time you start to resent your work?

How would it be if you could show up refreshed, calm and happy to work each day, regardless of what is happening around you?

It might sound too good to be true. But there are leaders right now who are living and working like this.

They use meditation & mindfulness teachers to help them achieve a state of calmness and inner peace, so they can make better decisions and stay focused.

Here are some good examples:

- Bill Gates, had the meditation teacher from Headspace, fly over to his house and give him private classes.

- Rai Dalio said meditation and guidance from his teacher is the greatest ingredient for his business success. 

- Tim Ferris says of over the 600 world-class performers he had on his podcast the by far most common denominator, they have in their routine is some form of meditation or mindfulness practice.

Having a meditation coach has been the single best thing that has helped me become more calm and happy regardless of what is going on around me.


Problem: Most meditation mentors either lack experience or don't really understand the world of business.

Solution: Meet me, the well being mentor with over 10 000 hours of experience, who not only meditates and studies ancient meditation techniques but reads autobiographies of business moguls and watches interviews with start up founders. 

Someone who understands how your mind works on the surface level to the most profound level. 

Smart leaders rely on business mentors to cut down the learning curve and 10x their progress. Most of them don't realize they can apply the same methodology to their mental & emotional well-being.

What if you could get 10 x more results from a meditation session than the average person does?

- 10 lessons I learned from 10 000 hours of meditation.

Free emotional strength test for leaders (no sign up required)

Find out how good your emotional strength (maturity) is and how it affects all areas of your life. It is a set of 3 questions that will reveal how rooted you are in your true self.

Trigger warning: The questions are quite confronting.

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Audio from a client after the coaching session

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