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I help people make 10 x more progress on their healing/awakening journey

Speak to their pain points:

- You know you want to experience a deeper level of healing/awakening but you are feeling you are not making much progress or it is very slow?

- You feel confused about what approaches work the best and is the right one for you?

You are scared of staying stuck in your patterns & mind's conditioning? 

Speak to their desired situation:

- You want to experience a deep healing/awakening that is gonna change your life?

You want to become the person who you always wanted to be?

You want to feel free of your past and live a new life?

Speak about what they have tried already and why it is not working:

- You already tried: Reading self help books, going to therapy or coaching, doing workshops, meditation, self inquiry and other healing/awakening approaches, but it still seems the progress. is quite slow?

Speak about my unique approach to helping them and how it is different:

What if there was a more effective approach that could allow you to make 10 x as much progress on your healing/awakening journey.

I have practiced all kinds of methods for over 10 000 hours in order to find out what works best. I traveled to many countries to learn from the best teachers I could find and even lived 4 years at a meditation retreat center.


In this video, I am going to share with you the 3 step process I use on myself and my clients in order to resolve unwanted behaviours, negative emotions and trauma. 

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