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Your Darkness Is Beautiful


"Wow that was soul shaking. I am like lost for words... You are truly gifted. I swear you could be Eckhart Tolle's son but even better."

Jennifer Morton - Participant

What you will learn in this deep healing circle


Learn to be at peace with your mind

The deepest sense of peace & self-love is actually found by embracing emotions like sadness, depression, loneliness, shame, anger, anxiety and desire.

Through the allowance of all emotions & bodily reactions you will get in touch with their root source. By learning to allow & love every expression of your mind & body - it opens the door to the deepest parts of yourself. 

Are you constantly going back and forth between a few or even frequent moments of peace, self-love and joy. And times of restlessness, confusion and fighting against life? 


Even though you already practice meditation, therapy or other form of inner work for several years. It is not your fault.


Most spiritual, alternative healing and psychological practices that you learned about are likely at their core practices of avoidance that are "dancing around the pain".


Bringing only short-term relief and are unable to bring lasting peace of mind & unconditional self-love.

Fall in love with your emotions

Discover your true self (free of past conditioning)

This is where all the magic happens. Deep self love, healing and peace of mind comes about when you embrace these shadow aspects of you.

You will get in touch with your true & authentic self. Finally, you can be yourself completely.

This is what you will learn and experience in this deep healing circle.


"Really appreciate our conversations and your calmness Julien. Best coach I ever had. 100 %"

Thomas - Participant

About Julien Wagemann

All I could see was suffering all around me and within me. Nothing made sense to me about this world.

✓ Physically & emotionally abused by a mentally unstable mother. A major surgery as a child. Years of bullying. I was no stranger to suffering. 

✓ So I went to a deep awakening journey for many years and practiced all kinds of methodologies for over 10 000 hours.

✓ Through the right guidance & deep dedication to the practices, I discovered freedom from suffering in the midst of intense physical pain, heartbreak and the darkest thoughts.

✓  My mind got blown. The absence of stories gave rise to peace of mind & a deeper connection with all there is.

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"Being in deep healing with Julien in last 6 months as well as surrounding myself with new environment brought so much change in my life. More light came in to me in this short period than in my almost 30 years of adulthood attempts to heal."

Wojtek - Participant

Introducing The Deep Healing Circle


What will happen during the deep healing circle?

  • You will be in a very safe space where you can express what is in your way of being at peace and in love with yourself.

  • I will personally guide you through this process through compassionate questions, meditation & inner child healing.

  • You will hear about the most common obstacles to deep healing that I learned in my +10 000 hours of experience.

  • By the end you will walk out with a smile on your face, feeling more at peace & in love with yourself.


The details

  • You can find the local time in your time once you get invited to join. It is 8pm Central European Time every Sunday.

  • How to join: Click the button below to join the group. Inside you will find the zoom link for the sessions.

  • There will be a recording inside the group in case you miss the event.


"I have been learning about and practicing meditation for 8 years. In all this time have never met anyone who has taught me how to honor and see the treasure in all my suppressed emotions. I wish I would have found you 8 years ago.

Santosh - Participant

Frequently asked questions

Will there be a recording if I can't make it live?

Yes, when you sign up you will be part of a group and in this group the recording will be posted. And be able to watch it or listen to it whenever you want. 


Do I have to share about myself with others?

No you don't have to do anything you don't feel comfortable with. You can participate to whatever degree feels good to you and if you want to just listen that is totally fine! This is a very safe space and I personally make sure that each person that joins is a good fit - so this is a very healing & safe space for everyone.


"Two months of sessions with you are already the best investment I have ever done."

Jana - Participant

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